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From Australia to the World - Overseas Media Representation.
Our media representation arm has grown through our association with publishers and the 'globalisation' of markets, whether it is to recruit the best candidate to work in Australia or sell Australian products to the world you may need to look overseas and we can help you.

The titles we represent include newspapers: The Guardian, The Observer, The Guardian Weekly. Magazines: Meininger's Wine Business International. Online:

At the present time Education Guardian which is published each Tuesday and is the first choice of UK universities when they need to recruit senior academic staff is offering great deals to Australian universities for information on this or any of these publications please contact Michael McCorry at

Our services include:
  • Supplying relevant research data including readership/circulation
  • Print and online options
  • Providing media quotes
  • Booking and dispatching material to overseas publishers
We offer media buying in association with Australia’s largest media agency.
Our media buying service offers you the convenience of one point of contact for your creative and media needs and saves you considerable time as you no longer have to deal with individual publishers. We don't charge a fee for this service, the rates we quote are the same as if our clients went direct to publishers.

For information about making your media booking easier contact Mike at

Our services include:
  • Media Planning, providing detailed costings
  • Liaising with publishers
  • Media Booking in association with Mediacom